Management Development Program

The Management Trainee position starts as an entry-level position where career development and promotional opportunities exist. It is intended to prepare candidates for a Branch Management position within the Bank. The program will consist of a 6-24 month fast track training program where the individual is exposed to all aspects of the banking field and eventually placed as an Assistant or Branch Manager. Trainees will be working at a variety of branches throughout our Lake or Porter County offices while in training and will utilize what they learned in all departments at the branches. Trainees will also spend time in our supermarket locations to be familiarized with this type of market. The program begins with training as a Customer Service Representative. Thus, the individual must be willing to begin in an entry-level capacity. This is an excellent opportunity for those interested in beginning a career in banking. Qualified candidates must be pursuing a business related degree, with one year or less until completion, or be a college graduate possessing a degree in a related field. Leadership in clubs, school, work etc. and past supervisory and banking experience is a plus.

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