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Teach kids about saving with these helpful resources September 28, 2020 From the first moment parents put a coin or bill in their child’s piggy bank, they are demonstrating the value of managing money. Parents can help their kids learn about money and set and achieve future financial goals ahead of National Savings Day, which falls on Oct. 12, 2020. Several... Click Here To Read More
Centier Bank Promotes Simon Coleman to Officer of the Bank September 21, 2020 MERRILLVILLE, Ind. – Michael E. Schrage, CEO and Chairman of Centier Bank, is pleased to announce Investment Executive, Simon Coleman, has been promoted to officer of the bank. Coleman joined Centier Bank in 2019 after gaining experience in the customer service and the construction... Click Here To Read More
Centier Bank Donates $6,750 to Opportunity Enterprises September 14, 2020 MERRILLVILLE, Ind. – Centier Bank recently made a community donation to Opportunity Enterprises, a Valparaiso-based social services organization which helps persons with developmental disabilities maximize self-sufficiency and enrich their qualities of life. Anthony Contrucci, Vice... Click Here To Read More
Building a Budget September 8, 2020 Someone once described a personal budget as a “mathematical confirmation of your suspicions." Books have been written and national speaking tours conducted on the subject (with the accompanying book and even a few television shows). While that may provide a helpful level of detail... Click Here To Read More
Billinero Celebrates One Year Since Launch, Awards $1,000 to First-Time Home Buyer September 8, 2020 When 25-year-old Alexandra Kaminski embarked on her homebuying journey, she heard about an app-based savings account that awards cash prizes to its users in a game-like approach, and decided to open her account. Fast forward to one year later, Kaminski closed on her first home, and was also named... Click Here To Read More
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