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Ask a Trust Officer: Delaying Retirement August 11, 2022 DEAR TRUST OFFICER: I was planning to retire later this year, but I’m having second thoughts. My 401(k) has gone down in value just when the cost of living is going up at rates I haven’t seen since I entered the workforce after college. What do you think? —RECONSIDERING THE... Click Here To Read More
The History of Fighting Serious Inflation August 11, 2022 A year ago, government officials were saying that the sudden spurt of inflation was “transitory,” the result of temporary bottlenecks arising from ending the pandemic-inspired lockdowns. The story changed last fall, as it became obvious that there is nothing transitory about the ongoing... Click Here To Read More
Tax Notes from the 2023 Budget Proposal August 11, 2022 The Biden administration released its vision for the 2023 federal budget earlier this year at There are many proposals that affluent families should be aware of. On the income tax side, the administration hopes... Click Here To Read More
Should You Consider Paid Work to Generate Additional Income in Retirement? June 27, 2022 There are many reasons to pursue paid work in retirement beyond generating additional income. Work can provide a social outlet, create structure in your day, and provide a sense of accomplishment. However, in recent months, rising inflation has been the catalyst behind many retirees considering paid... Click Here To Read More
Upcoming Travel Plans? Be Sure to Pack These 5 Health Documents June 27, 2022 A recent survey reveals that 46% of Americans intend to travel this summer—a level that would have been high before the COVID-19 pandemic.1 While younger Americans are traveling the most, those over age 55 are also returning to the roads and skies in greater numbers. The survey notes that... Click Here To Read More