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4 Estate Planning Documents You Can't Live (Your Best Life) Without April 13, 2021 Often, people view estate planning through a narrow lens, thinking it’s only about what happens to their property and assets after they’re gone. While the tax-efficient transfer of your assets to the people and organizations you designate is an important component, estate planning... Click Here To Read More
3 Ways to Boost Cash Reserves in Retirement March 15, 2021 How would you pay for an unanticipated home or car repair, medical emergency, or other expense? A recent study indicates that fewer than 4 in 10 Americans have enough savings to pay for an unexpected $1,000 expense in cash. The rest would have to borrow, use a credit card or take out a personal... Click Here To Read More
RMDs Are Back. What's Your Strategy? February 16, 2021 Shortly after the pandemic hit, the CARES Act was passed in March 2020, allowing those age 72 or over to waive their required minimum distributions, or RMDs. While that resulted in a significant reduction in taxable income for many retirees in 2020, RMDs are back this year, along with the potential... Click Here To Read More
Ask a trust officer: What is a “corporate fiduciary”? January 27, 2021 DEAR TRUST OFFICER: I understand that you are a “corporate fiduciary.” What is that exactly? Aren’t you just a different flavor of a stockbroker or financial planner?—SHOPPING FOR ADVICE DEAR SHOPPING: “Fiduciary” is a legal term that describes the duties... Click Here To Read More
Five Reasons for a Trust January 27, 2021 You might think that the doubling of the amount exempt from federal estate and gift tax ($11.7 million per person in 2021) would reduce the need for estate planning, given that so few families will now need to worry about this tax. But you would be wrong in that thought, because controlling estate... Click Here To Read More
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