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Is It Time for a Mid-Year Financial Review? July 13, 2021 This summer looks remarkably different than last year. As pandemic-related restrictions are lifted, retail, sports, travel, dining, and entertainment venues are welcoming consumers back in droves. It’s likely that you’ve experienced changes in your life and your finances in recent... Click Here To Read More
5 Ways Telehealth Will Continue to Benefit Retirees June 17, 2021 Medicare and most private insurers expanded coverage for a broad range of telehealth services early in the COVID-19 pandemic to include virtual access to care via phone or web conferencing for office visits, consultations, and more.1 While Americans across all age groups quickly adapted to this new... Click Here To Read More
4 Reasons to Consider Selling Your Business in 2021 June 17, 2021 Like many business owners, you may have spent more time over the last year focused on keeping your businesses afloat and navigating rapidly changing public health orders, rather than planning your exit strategy. However, a rebounding economy, the prospect for tax hikes, and buyers flush with cash... Click Here To Read More
Ask a Trust Officer: Roth IRA versus Traditional IRA May 1, 2021 Dear Trust Officer:  I have $6,000 to put into an IRA before I file my tax return for 2020.  Which is better, the traditional IRA or the Roth IRA?—Tardy Saver. Dear Tardy:  There is no simple answer to your question, unfortunately.  Do you qualify for the tax deduction... Click Here To Read More
The RMD Vacation is Over May 1, 2021 Last year seniors were given a reprieve from the requirement to take minimum distributions from their IRAs and qualified retirement plans.  The suspension of the rules, included in the CARES Act, was enacted at a time when the stock market had moved sharply lower, and so it was intended to... Click Here To Read More
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