The Legacy Continues

Preserving Indiana’s Largest, Family-Owned, Private Bank

The foundation for this legacy in Indiana business began in 1895, when Henry Schrage opened the Bank of Whiting.  One of Lake County’s pioneers, Henry was Whiting’s first postmaster and was instrumental in building much of Northwest Indiana’s economic development.  A business visionary, it was his tenacity and hard work that helped establish the foundations for a community infrastructure for what would one day becoming Whiting.  Over time, his son (Walter Sr.), grandson (Walter, Jr.) and great-grandson (Michael), have managed the growth and success of their independently owned and operated family bank.

Today, the same values and sound business practices established by the Schrage family pave the path towards the future. They are preserving independent community banking by introducing a 5th generation of bankers in the family.  Together, they are sustaining a business legacy, which has supported and grown much of Indiana business during the last century.

As Centier prepares for it's 120th anniversary, they celebrate this business legacy, a reminder of how far they have come while supporting families and growing business in our communities.  Centier's Culture of Values (Integrity, Respect, Friendship, Caring, Loyalty) and their common cause to "Preserve Indiana's Largest, Family-Owned, Private Bank" will leave a Legacy for many generations to come.


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