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Centier's Alan Swingler Obtains the Certified Wealth Strategist® Industry Designation September 26, 2018 Alan Swingler of Centier Investment Services is among an elite group of financial professionals obtaining the Certified Wealth Strategist® designation, administered by Cannon Financial Institute.  This designation is awarded to those individuals completing a comprehensive program of study... Click Here To Read More
Home Equity Line of Credit vs. Home Equity Loan: Which is Right for Me? September 24, 2018 As the winter draws to a close and the weather begins to grow warmer, many homeowners use the springtime as an opportunity to look at their home and plan for an upgrade. Whether these homeowners are looking at bathroom and kitchen remodels, landscaping, or even finishing a basement, using one’s... Click Here To Read More
When to Review Life Insurance September 24, 2018 We often say that our clients buy life insurance for one of two reasons – you love somebody or you owe somebody. For most, it will be the first reason. You want to protect a loved one and there is a financial dependence on your income. Click Here To Read More
Retirement In Sight for September 2018 September 21, 2018 Many baby boomers are vowing to work past age 65, even into their seventies. You may be one of them, and you may realize that ambition. Keep in mind, though, that some people end up retiring prior to age 60 and not by choice. If you sense that could happen to you, think about some of the moves you... Click Here To Read More
Why Life Insurance Matters September 10, 2018 Understandably, no one likes to contemplate the end of his or her life. We work to focus on the moment and live in the present, hopefully enjoying life stages and milestones as they come. While thinking of our own demise may seem unpleasant, just like birth, death will be a part of everyone’s... Click Here To Read More
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