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Latest News / Billinero Announces Winners of Quarterly and Monthly $1,000 Drawings

Billinero Announces Winners of Quarterly and Monthly $1,000 Drawings

July 28, 2022

Billinero, an app-based savings account that awards cash prizes in monthly and quarterly drawings to select users, has named its most recent winners: Katherine Vandergast of Crown Point, Ind., and Rita Olander of Valparaiso, Ind.

Vandergast, the winner of the $1,000 monthly drawing, received the news while she was traveling. She said she began using Billinero as a fun and easy to way to save money for upcoming trips.

“I look at Billinero as a great way to save for a focused goal—whether that’s a vacation, a home, or something bigger—having that one account that you can build up over time will help you reach your savings goals faster,” Vandergast explained. “Plus, being given the opportunity to win $1,000 just for saving is exciting!”

Olander was thrilled to hear that her name was drawn for the quarterly prize, since she’s currently renovating her home.

“Our remodeling project isn’t cheap—so an extra $1,000 comes in handy!” Olander said. “I would encourage anyone to get started saving with Billinero because you can really see how setting aside a little bit of money can build up over time, without even missing it.”

Chris Campbell, Executive Vice President of Billinero, said the app is designed to help develop the habit of saving money. With each qualifying deposit of $25, users earn an entry into the monthly drawing, and for every three qualifying deposits they make, they earn an entry into the quarterly drawing.

“Congratulations to Katherine and Rita on saving for the win!” Campbell exclaimed. “It’s always a good time to put an extra thousand dollars in your pocket, and I hope their success stories can inspire others to download the app and get started saving for future drawings.”

Billinero’s next $1,000 monthly drawing is taking place July 31. Users can download the app from the App and Google Play Stores to sign up and start earning chances to win.

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