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Latest News / Billinero Draws Monthly Winner, Next $1,000 Drawing is Nov. 30

Billinero Draws Monthly Winner, Next $1,000 Drawing is Nov. 30

November 19, 2021

Billinero, an app-based savings account that awards cash prizes in monthly and quarterly drawings to select users, has named Danijela Schreiber of Griffith, Indiana as its monthly winner.

Schreiber began using Billinero when she learned about the possibility of winning money for every qualifying deposit.

“I knew a friend of a friend of a friend who won one of the first drawings and that’s what made me download the app and sign up,” Schreiber said. “I’ve been saving with Billinero for two years now, and I’m ecstatic to win the monthly drawing!”

Schreiber said she is amazed by how easy it’s been to save $25 at a time and watch her savings account grow.

“It’s nice to know that if I have an emergency where I need money, that I have it readily available,” she explained.

Chris Campbell, Executive Vice President of Billinero, said the app’s users are sharing inspiring personal savings stories.

“The sudden onset of the pandemic caused financial distress for a lot of people across the country, and it emphasized the importance of having an emergency fund for those tough times,” Campbell explained. “That’s our mission with Billinero, to get America saving and developing those reliable saving habits.”

Billinero’s next monthly drawing is on November 30, 2021. For more information about Billinero, go to

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