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Billinero™ Selects Monthly $1,000 Winner

October 18, 2019

Billinero Monthly WinnerMERRILLVILLE – Michael E. Schrage, President and CEO of Centier Bank, is pleased to announce that Billinero™, a new mobile application, powered by Centier, has selected its second monthly $1,000 cash prize winner.

Michelle Sessions of Portage, Ind., was recently selected as the second winner of the Billinero™ monthly cash prize. The digital-only, prize-linked savings account has a game-like approach, offering new savings account customers the opportunity to win a monthly $1,000 and a quarterly $10,000 cash prize at no risk while also increasing their financial savings.

Sessions said she plans to add her Billinero™ prize money to her already growing savings account.

“I started using Billinero™ in hopes I would win the monthly or quarterly prize, but now I have built up my savings a bit, which feels like another prize,” she said. “The chance that I could win money while playing is what drew me in, and the good habits I’ve picked up is why I’ll keep playing.”

As the largest private, family-owned bank in Indiana with over $4.5 billion in assets, Centier launched Billinero™  to grow its digital service offerings and attract new market share in Indiana, as well as 10 other states.

Chris Campbell, a senior partner of Centier Bank, said Billinero™ is a unique way to launch modern banking, and is an innovative method of educating users on the importance of managing their money.

“Traditional banking practices are evolving, and advances in technology are creating new behaviors when it comes to spending and saving,” Campbell said. “Billinero™ approaches savings with a game-like approach, and our goal is that the incentive to win a cash prize is what is appealing to users.”

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