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Centier Clients Celebrate Final Mortgage Payment

June 22, 2020

John Livingston, Sr., and his wife, Terri LivingstonOwning a home is one of life’s major responsibilities and taking out a mortgage is an exciting step. Many people dream of the day where they no longer have a mortgage payment. For the Livingstons, that day was May 29, 2020.

John Livingston, Sr., and his wife, Terri Livingston, celebrated the once in a lifetime milestone of making their last mortgage payment on their Highland home at Centier. They came to the branch to take a photo to mark the occasion, and then went out to dinner to celebrate.

The couple moved into their Highland home 25 years ago. It was their second family residence, where they raised three children. Their mortgage payoff was ahead of schedule, and they’ve worked hard to be debt-free.

“This is a goal we’ve had in mind for a long time, and we’ve been working hard to reach it,” John said. “We’ve put every penny we can toward the house, even making triple house payments every month for the last few years so we can focus on retirement. It feels amazing to be debt-free.”

Terri works in the Town of Highland School Guidance Office and John works at Cargill Auto Industrial. Despite setbacks over the years like layoffs and refinancing the mortgage to help pay for college, the couple was all smiles on May 29, when they proudly presented their check to Centier Branch Manager, Jessica Higareda.

"We were excited John and Terri wanted to celebrate with all of us at the branch," Higareda said. "We loved being a part of this huge moment in their lives!"

John Livingston, Sr., and his wife, Terri LivingstonJohn said he felt very taken care of by Centier through the years.

“Centier has been by far the best place to hold our mortgage,” John said. “We’ve been with other financial institutions, but once we came to Centier, we stayed. We like that it’s a family-friendly company, and we would never consider another bank.”

John’s and Terri’s advice to young homeowners? Stay the course.

“Try not to borrow against your house if possible, and try not to cash out during a refinance,” he said. “The bank offers great options on home improvement loans and refinancing, but don’t make it a regular practice.”

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