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Why Choose Centier Financial Partners as your Corporate Trustee?

April 20, 2017

Centier Financial Partners provides professional trust and investment management to our clients in a fiduciary capacity. Simply put, fiduciary means we are required to act in YOUR best interest. Decisions we make, investments we purchase, and advice we offer is 100% subject to the fiduciary standard. But what does Centier Financial Partners do as a Corporate Trustee?  

Education & Communication - A good trustee is a good teacher. Trusts are not always simple, and we educate beneficiaries possessing a wide range of understanding and maturity. Centier Financial Partners explains the trust provisions and helps beneficiaries understand the legacy and intent of the grantor. As an objective party we are not subject to family dynamics or changes that can happen after a transfer of assets or death. As your fiduciary we are comfortable handling challenging situations in keeping with your documented intent. 

Administration - Trust administration starts with ensuring that all pertinent terms of the trust are adhered to, according to the applicable law. Centier Financial Partners maintains accurate records and reports for beneficiaries, which includes; detailed accounting of distributions, fees, taxes and cost basis, Taxes are filed and paid on a timely basis, in cooperation with your or your family's advisors. We ensure that trust property is protected and trust expenses are paid. As Centier manages all of these duties, we also keep all interested advisors and parties informed of their actions. 

Distribution - Centier Financial Partners as trustee calculates and executes the appropriate amount of distributions as required by the trust document. In making discretionary distribution decisions, we must also consider tax consequences, the needs of the future beneficiaries, and any other parameters set forth in the trust document, such as consideration of the beneficiary's other resources. 

Investment Oversight - The financial health of the trust requires appropriate investment oversight by Centier Financial Partners. We must ensure that investment decisions are made in accordance with provisions of the trust document and the Indiana Uniform Prudent Investor Act. In the interest of asset protection, we monitor and evaluate asset allocation, diversification and risk tolerance, and plan for current and remainder beneficiaries. 

Centier Financial Partners is a high performing, local trust team who performs these duties seamlessly each day for our clients, acting in accordance with the intentions of the grantor, the legal requirements of the trust document, and in a manner that honors and supports healthy family dynamics. 

What is the cost for our services? Centier Financial Partners typically charges between 1 - 2% of assets to act as trustee and handle your estate, with most trust work falling in the 1 - 1.25% range. The reason for the range is to allow for unusual assets or additional work (valuations, special filings, etc.) required to properly address the provisions of your document. We invite you to sit down with a member of the Centier Financial Partners team prior to making any decisions. You will understand the value of engaging a fiduciary partner providing world class service. 

Thank you for your consideration. Please contact us at (219) 755-6110 to set an appointment.

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