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Centier to You...Bringing Banking to the Workplace.

We're ready to work with you to lay out your financial journey with solutions that will meet the needs of your business for many years to come.

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Bank @ Work - Employer Benefits

Banking Services for Your Business

Bank@Work provides you and your employees a customized financial benefits package with special banking offers and tools for financial success.

Bank @ Work - Employer Benefits

No Cost Options

Designed Just For You

Your business can benefit from services designed specifically for you — Free Business Checking with 400 free transactions per month, customized Treasury Management Solutions and business lending services.

Reduced Payroll Administration Costs

Bank@Work provides a means to increase employee participation in your company's direct deposit program — simplifying your payroll processing and administration and reducing related payroll expenses.

On-Site Account Openings

Our Bank@Work representative will conduct on-site enrollment sessions for your employees to open their new accounts with direct deposit. These experienced financial experts will provide program information, incentive opportunities and complete the necessary paperwork.

Custom Promotional Materials

Centier provides flyers, email templates, product brochures and posters/banners for onsite sign-up sessions. Your Centier Bank@Work representative will work with you to coordinate the sessions and generate employee interest and excitement.

Online Financial Tools

All employees can easily access Bank@Work information at In addition to providing Bank@Work details our site offers easy-to-use tools and calculators to help employees plan for everyday and major financial decisions.

Employee Benefits Package

Bank@Work provides your employees with value added services and rewards to help them achieve their financial success — and is only available from Centier Bank.

Bank @ Work - Employee Benefits

With Centier Bank@Work you can give your employees valuable banking benefits. We provide a customized personal banking package and a variety of special banking privileges, including incentives on products and services. Your employees are a valuable asset to you — make sure they know it by offering Centier Bank@Work banking.

Managing Money Day-To-Day

Checking accounts that provide numerous avenues to access and monitor funds.

Saving for the Future

Savings programs designed to fit everyone's specific needs — from an emergency fund to saving for college or retirement.

Borrowing Wisely

Loan solutions that fit a wide variety of credit needs.

Financial Protection

Secure financial plans and day-to-day tools to safely protect your valuables.

On-Site Financial Wellness

Seminars that cover topics focusing on budgeting, credit, saving and managing debt.

Centier to You Representatives

We bring Centier to you at the work place with regularly scheduled on-site visits and financial wellness seminars.

Our personal service guarantee includes one-on-one consultations regarding all of your employee's financial needs.

Bank @ Work - Employee Benefits
Bank @ Work - On-Site Financial Wellness Education

On-Site Financial Wellness Solutions

Centier Educational Advantages

Educational seminars are conducted by experienced Centier financial specialists at your workplace to assist your employees in making educated decisions regarding their finances and help them achieve financial success.

Our goal is to provide meaningful discussions that help employees balance work and personal life. We believe everyone deserves a little something extra when it comes to banking. Whether It's a staff meeting, new employee orientation or your annual benefits meeting, our Financial Wellness Educational Program provides a fresh perspective and helpful personal finance strategies.

  • Health Savings Account
  • Credit
  • Saving
  • Managing Debt
  • Budgeting
Questions and Answers

Is the Centier to You Program only for existing Centier business clients?

No, whether you are a current business client or not, the program is available to your employees.

How is this program an enhancement to our existing employee benefit package?

The soaring cost of benefit packages have put a definite strain on profitability and employee retention. Centier to You is designed to offer valuable cost savings, banking benefits and educational resources to guide your employees's financial decisions through all stages of life.

What if I only want a few elements of the program?

Our goal is to provide a customized program that fits your business needs. Your dedicated banking representative will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that suits you and your employees best.

What expenses will my business incur by participating in the program?

There is no cost for participation. A dedicated Centier banker will do all the work for you. Our goal is to help you improve employee satisfaction, retain existing employees, and attract new hires.

How do I communicate these benefits to my employees?

We'll visit with you and your employees to promote financial wellness, answer financial questions, and accept account applications.

How does a company become a Centier to You participant?

Contact a banking representative. We'll share more about the program and learn about your company and employees.

How long does it take to implement the Centier to You program?

The process may be completed in as little as two weeks. Your Centier representative can give you the details on the easy implementation process.

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