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Ask A Trust Officer: Social Network Investing

DEAR TRUST OFFICER: I’ve heard that soon we’ll be seeing legitimate investment offerings on LinkedIn and Facebook. Is that true?—SOCIAL NETWORK SKEPTIC

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When Estate Planning Becomes Basis Planning

Old conventional wisdom: Minimize estate and/or inheritance taxes by making lifetime transfers and taking appropriate steps to reduce the taxable value of transfers.  New conventional wisdom for many “smaller” estates: Avoid lifetime transfers, especially of appreciated assets, and maximize asset values at death.

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A Tweak to the Rollover Rules

Taxpayers are allowed to make one tax-free IRA rollover per year.  IRS Publication 590 states that the rule applies per IRA.  As it turns out, Publication 590 is wrong.

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Profits and the Economy

In late March, the Commerce Department reported that after-tax corporate profits were up 4.8% in the last quarter of 2013.

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