A Qualified and Experienced Trustee

Centier Bank is a fully qualified retirement plan provider within the meaning of Section 7701(a)(37) of the Internal Revenue Code. As a qualified trustee, Centier will accept and administer all eligible automatic rollover accounts regardless of size, including those under $1,000 (and over $5,000 for terminating plans). Having worked to develop the Safe-Harbor-IRA® since 2001, Centier offers you the support of a dedicated service team who are expert in all aspects of IRAs. That service starts with a Plan Sponsor Automatic Rollover Kit (on CD) that includes the exclusive fiduciary and agency agreement, a model plan amendment to implement automatic rollovers, a model resolution to adopt the amendment and a model Summary of Material Modification to provide required notice to participants. Also included on the CD is a sample of the participant Welcome Kit that is sent out as soon as the IRA is opened.

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