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The Safe-Harbor-IRA® is an automatic rollover IRA program developed by Centier Bank exclusively for missing or non-responsive terminated plan participants. Your former employer has made Centier the trustee of your automatic rollover, meaning your plan balance is now in a Safe-Harbor-IRA®.

If you just received your Welcome Letter and have not yet claimed your automatic IRA rollover, please take a minute to look through the documents and forms available here.

To claim your IRA, you will need to read through Form 5305 and the Disclosure Statement and you also need to fill out and print the Safe-Harbor-IRA® Application and Adoption Agreement and the Safe-Harbor-IRA® Beneficiary Designation or Change Form (links below).

You must either mail or scan and email (safeira@centier.com) these two forms, along with a copy of your valid Driver’s License or other Government issues photo ID, to claim your IRA. You can send the forms back in the postage-paid yellow envelope that was included in your welcome letter, or if you no longer have that envelope, you can address an envelope to:

Centier Bank
9701 Indianapolis Blvd
Highland, IN 46322-2620

For questions about the Safe-Harbor-IRA®, including why your plan balance was transferred, what your options are, how you can invest your funds, and more, read through the Frequently Asked Questions About Safe-Harbor-IRA® brochure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Safe-Harbor-IRA® (English)

Frequently Asked Questions About Safe-Harbor-IRA® (Spanish)

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