Investing Your Funds

The Department of Labor regulations require that all funds placed in an automatic rollover IRA be invested in a qualified investment. This investment is defined as an investment product designed to preserve principal and provide a reasonable rate of return that is consistent with liquidity. While the DOL required investment option may change from time to time depending on current market conditions, we typically use a Centier Bank high-yield, FDIC insured bank deposit that pays premium interest rates. Whatever the option, Centier is always looking for the best investment opportunity for our Safe-Harbor-IRA® participants.  After you have asserted ownership and control over the account, you have a full range of market investment options available to you.

The initial investment for your funds will be selected by the plan sponsor (your former employer). If the plan sponsor does not direct which investment option to use, Centier will make that election based on an analysis of current interest rates paid by each product and other factors.


You can leave your funds invested in the initial option established for your account or if your balance exceeds $5,000, you may direct investment into an asset allocation fund.  

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