A Qualified and Experienced Trustee

Centier Bank is a fully qualified retirement plan provider within the meaning of Section 7701(a)(37) of the Internal Revenue Code. As a qualified trustee, Centier will accept and administer all eligible automatic rollover accounts regardless of size, including those under $1,000 (and over $5,000 for terminating plans). We also accept accounts for missing participants (which was the focus of the original mandatory rollover provision in EGTRRA).

As testimony to the Safe-Harbor-IRA® program, we have been selected as a preferred (in some cases exclusive) automatic rollover provider by a number of TPA and law firms, plan advisors, recordkeepers, retirement plan associations, and others. Our client list includes thousands of plan sponsors and providers, large and small. Having worked to develop the Safe-Harbor-IRA® since 2001, Centier offers you the support of a dedicated service team who are experts in all aspects of IRAs. 

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