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The SECURE Act Upends Estate Plans April 1, 2020 The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act [H.R. 1994] passed the House last year on a bipartisan basis, by a vote of 417 to 3, but then stalled in the Senate.  A few Republican Senators objected to unanimous consent for the bill.  In December, Congress enacted... Click Here To Read More
Ask a Trust Officer: Having “The Talk” April 1, 2020 DEAR TRUST OFFICER:   When should I talk to my children about their inheritances?—THOUGHTFUL PARENT DEAR THOUGHTFUL: As a general rule, sooner is better than later.  An inheritance should not come as a surprise; it is something that requires preparation and planning. ... Click Here To Read More
Paying For Investment Advice April 1, 2020 Investment advisors may be compensated in several ways.  In some cases, they charge clients a fee for their advice. Sometimes they earn commissions from the investment products their clients buy based upon that advice—life insurance is sold on commission, for example. Sometimes the... Click Here To Read More
Teach kids about saving with these helpful resources March 20, 2020 From the first moment parents put a coin or bill in their child’s piggybank, they are demonstrating the value of managing money. With National Financial Literacy Month approaching in April, parents of school-aged children can help their kids learn about money and set and achieve future... Click Here To Read More
Centier Bank Temporarily Closes Branch Lobbies as Precaution March 18, 2020 MERRILLVILLE, Ind. –Michael E. Schrage, CEO and Chairman of Centier Bank, announced Wednesday the bank has temporarily closed all branch lobbies and in-store branches, limiting service to drive-up banking, in an effort to minimize social exposure during the global spread of coronavirus. The... Click Here To Read More
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