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Security & Fraud Protection

Protecting Your Money and Your Information

Stay updated on financial fraud, scams, identity theft, and protective measures that can help keep your accounts safe. If you think you have been scammed, contact us immediately.

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Authentication & Encryption

These processes assist in verifying your identity and keep your information private.

Fraud Monitoring

We routinely monitor for suspicious activity on your cards and accounts.

Account Alerts

Stay informed by receiving notifications about account activity.

Secure Messages

For enhanced security, our mobile app and online banking use secure communications so conversations and data remain private.

If you have received a suspicious text, email or phone call, or believe your personal or account-related information has been compromised in any way, please contact our Client Service Center immediately:

Report Suspicious Activity

Call us: 1-888-CENTIER (1-888-236-8437)
Email us: [email protected]

Report Lost/Stolen Activity

Debit Card: 1-888-CENTIER (1-888-236-8437)
Credit Card: 1-800-367-7576

Identity Theft & Fraud

Call us: 1-888-CENTIER (1-888-236-8437)
Email us: [email protected]

If you are aware (or suspect) that you have shared ANY information, it’s important to act quickly to protect yourself:

  1. Under the Manage Profile option of the main menu on Centier Banks Online and Mobile banking, immediately do the following:
    • Change your Username
    • Change your Password
    • Update your security questions
  2. Remain calm: Scammers will prey on your fears and use aggressive language to scare you into acting quickly. Hang up and call us directly at 1-888-236-8437.
  3. If you have a secondary email to use, update the email address associated with your Centier Bank online and mobile banking to the secondary email. If you don’t have a secondary email, change your existing email password.
  4. Do not remove or delete any emails, text messages or information you received. Secure all information that can be used for research.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 7:00am-8:00pm CT
Saturday: 8:00am-3:00pm CT
Sunday: 10:00am-3:00pm CT

Sensitive Information

Do NOT share the following information with anyone. Centier Bank will NEVER ask you for this information:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Security or Verification Codes


Do NOT respond to or click on text or email links provided in suspicious communications. If you receive communication like this, please call 1-888-236-8437 immediately.

Online & Mobile Banking Security

Enable Secure Login

Depending on your device, you can enable Touch ID or PIN Login in the Manage Profile section of the mobile banking app. This will allow you to securely and easily sign in to your mobile banking app instead of entering your user ID and password.

Set Account Activity Alerts

Easily set custom Security Alerts to notify you when your Debit Card PIN, password, or username has been changed, and more. View all of the Security Alert options available under Manage Alerts.

Manage Cards

Quickly report a Lost or Stolen Card, Set Travel Notifications, change your PIN, set Temporary Spending Limits, and Automatically turn your card On/Off. View all of the Security Alert options in Manage Alerts section.

Person-to-Person Relationships

Pay close attention to the people to whom you send money, especially new contacts. Not only can you accidentally send money to the wrong person, but the wrong people can keep the funds sent and request more money from you.

Online & Mobile Banking Sessions

Never leave your computer, mobile device, or tablet unattended without logging out of online and mobile banking; this prevents unauthorized persons from continuing your banking session. Always log out when you are finished

Check Images

View and verify checks that have been posted to your account to prevent fraud.

Identity Theft E-Course

This course provides an understanding of the methods criminals use to steal personal information and compromise victims' finances, as well as how to protect yourself from identity theft.

Identity Theft: Top 5 Tips

It's important to know how to protect your personal information – that's why we've compiled the top five tips to watch for and fight against identity theft.


Check back often to find new and updated informative articles about the financial security space and your safety.

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