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Billinero Awards $1,000 Monthly and Quarterly Prizes to Winners

Last Updated on Apr 24, 2023

Billinero, an app-based savings account that awards cash prizes in monthly and quarterly drawings to select users, has named Laura Brooks from Whiting, Ind., and Sandra Dennison of Portage, Ind., as the quarterly and monthly $1,000 prize winners, respectively.

The savings account app is designed to help develop the habit of saving money. With each qualifying deposit, users earn an entry into the monthly drawing, and for every three qualifying deposits they make, they earn an entry into the quarterly drawing.

Dennison, who is in her 30s, said Billinero is her first ever savings account. She said she was incentivized by the possibility of winning money, not realizing her Billinero savings would help her family when her husband lost his job.

“I finally started to save in my 30s, and I felt like I was late to the game but it’s better to start saving late than to never start at all,” Dennison explained. “I enjoy watching my savings grow in my Billinero account. It’s great to stash money away and forget it’s even there. There’s no other savings account like this, and the prize has been motivating me to keep saving.”

Brooks said she began using Billinero as a fun way to save for a vacation. Her family had a trip to Mexico planned some months back but had to delay it due to illness.

“Billinero has become our vacation fund,” Brooks explained. “It’s very easy to use, and my husband and kids didn’t think it was real at first since it seemed too good to be true, but they’ll believe it now!”

Chris Campbell, Executive Vice President of Billinero, extends his congratulations the winners on taking responsibility for their financial wellness.

“April is Financial Literacy Month, and we at Billinero developed this app for the purpose of helping people take control of their savings habits and improve their overall financial health and well-being,” Campbell said. “Sandra’s and Laura’s stories are encouraging and I’m happy for their savings success!”

Billinero’s next $1,000 monthly drawing is taking place April 30, 2023. Users can download the app from the App and Google Play Stores to sign up and start earning chances to win. For more information about Billinero, go to