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Our Investments & Fiduciary Services

Last Updated on Apr 1, 2023

Regardless of how simple or complex your needs are, you can count on our team for superior solutions. Let us break our services down into five areas where we can support your specific financial needs.

Discretionary Investment Management (Individuals, Families & Organizations (Charitable and Not-For-Profit)

  • Centier Financial Partners provides individuals, families & organizations with the best possible Discretionary Investment Services. We offer robust investment solutions for our clients. Our goal is to consolidate and manage our clients’ financial assets.

Retirement Education and Financial Planning

  • Centier Financial Partners provides clients with the highest possible level of financial education and planning. Our team of credentialed professionals (CPAs, CFPs, JDs, CTFAs, CWSs) can provide the best possible advice. Our planning and retirement education is included in our services.

Estate Planning & Settlement

  • Centier Financial Partners provides estate planning and settlement services. Clients often need help navigating this process. We are here to be your helpful guide.

Corporate Trustee & Agent for Trustee

  • Centier Financial Partners serves as Trustee for our client’s Irrevocable Trusts. Our team works hard to make sure the terms of any trust are carried out, delivering the assets to the appropriate beneficiaries while making sure to comply with all required fiduciary duties.
  • Centier Financial Partners also has the ability to act as agent for the trustee to guide our clients named in a fiduciary capacity through their responsibilities.

Tax Planning & Preparation (Individuals, Families, Estates)

  • Centier Financial Partners provides clients with the highest possible level of tax planning and preparation. Whether you would like us to prepare your taxes or simply provide an analysis of the impact taxes may have on your financial plan please let us know. We have the expertise.

Do you have questions? Please reach out to any member of the Centier Financial Partners team with any additional questions. We appreciate your trust in us and look forward to assisting you in the future.


Centier Financial Partners

Investment and insurance products are:

• Not FDIC insured

• Not insured by any federal government agency

• Not a deposit or other obligation of, or guaranteed by, Centier Bank

• Subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal amount invested