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Commercial Funds Management Tools

Simplify daily cash management decisions while putting excess funds to their best use. Our Treasury Management Officers will help you manage your liquidity so you can maximize income or pay down an operating line of credit.

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To find out more information about our funds management services, click below to contact one of our Treasury Management officers.

Funds Management Solutions

Zero Balance Checking

Consolidate multiple business account balances into one corporate account while keeping activity recorded separately. With Zero Balance accounts, all of your company's funds are concentrated into one operating account. Payments are made from subsidiary accounts, which always maintain a zero balance. This allows increased investment opportunities and reduces administrative expenses.

Commercial Investment Sweep

Automatically transfer excess funds to earn income. Interest is paid monthly on balances in excess of a target collected balance. For information on investment options, contact a Treasury Management Officer today.

Commercial Sweep/Line of Credit

Maximize your cash management by combining your Commercial Sweep Account with your operating line of credit. Collected funds in excess of target balance are transferred to an investment account, or used to pay down your operating line of credit.

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