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Centier Bank Creates Online Financial Education Series Open To Public

June 25, 2020

Centier to You - Financial EducationMERRILLVILLE, Ind. – Michael E. Schrage, CEO and Chairman of Centier Bank, is pleased to announce the recent launch of the bank’s online Financial Educational series, Centier To You, on the bank’s website.

Centier has hosted in-person community events about financial wellness and education in the past—at branches, local libraries, and other locations in communities across the state. But now, Centier is offering the series online, so visitors can access them on their own time, from anywhere.

“As a financial institution, we feel it’s our responsibility to provide easily accessible resources and tools to educate people on money management,” Schrage explained. “For 125 years, we’ve given our guidance and expertise to providing financial education programs, and we’ve continued that commitment today with our new e-Course series.”

Lauren Zurbriggen, Financial Education and Community Outreach Coordinator at Centier Bank, said the site also contains resources and information, financial tips, and helpful exercises to educate and equip people with knowledge so they can work toward their financial goals. Subjects including identity theft, homebuying, credit, and making a budget are covered, with more to come.

Zurbriggen explained that right now is an especially important time to help the public learn about identity theft, as scams are becoming more intricate and common—targeting people online, cell phones, social media channels, and elsewhere. Centier To You also launched an e-course on identity theft, accessible through the bank’s website, along with other materials, such as Centier’s Top 5 Tips on how to protect your identity. These resources are intended to help consumers avoid identity theft and scams by staying in the know on tactics scammers use to target victims.

“Access to the Centier to You educational resources is free, and was created in response to our community needs. Now more than ever, it is important to help the community stay informed and educated on money management,” Zurbriggen explained. “This website gives them immediate access to a database of educational resources, including our new e-Course on Identify Theft. We are excited to expand our Centier to You financial education initiatives to continue to provide them to anyone, anywhere, and at no cost.”

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