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Latest News / Centier Bank Featured on 'Viewpoint With Dennis Quaid' National Broadcast

Centier Bank Featured on 'Viewpoint With Dennis Quaid' National Broadcast

January 24, 2022

Centier Bank, Indiana’s largest private, family-owned bank, is pleased to announce that it will be the featured company on a nationwide broadcast of the educational series, Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid. The series depicts stories of industry-leading organizations, with preceding episodes highlighting the impacts of companies such as Southwest Airlines and Royal Caribbean.

Mike Schrage, Chairman and CEO of Centier Bank, said he was proud to say “yes” to accepting this opportunity when it was presented in late 2020. The project was filmed over the summer in Merrillville, Ind., where the bank is headquartered.

“Community banks are locally owned and operated financial institutions that keep money circulating within the community,” Schrage explained. “Deposits come in, loans go out, and it all stays close to home because every cent is about the community--even down to employing locals. The episode tells the story of the impact of community banks and why they are essential to towns across America. It’s humbling for Centier to tell the story of community banking, and to help people realize how crucial community banks are to their local economies.”

The broadcasts are currently airing on channels like CNN, CNN Headline News, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, Fox Business Network, TLC, Travel and Discovery, and the episode is also expected to be distributed to the Public Television affiliates the week January 24, 2022.

John Patrick senior producer at 'Viewpoint,' said out of all the banks across the country, production approached Centier Bank because of its longstanding history and commitment to its Indiana communities.

“We at Viewpoint search far and wide to feature companies that viewers connect with,” Patrick explained. “Community banks have positive impacts than people realize. When we came across Centier Bank, we saw a great story that needed to be told.”

“Centier Bank has heart,” he added.

Schrage said some of the touchpoints he and other leaders of the bank highlight in the episode are community service, nurturing a workforce that is based in the community, and the ways community banks keep dollars circulating locally to build better places to live.

“If we could choose one takeaway for viewers from this program, it would be to appreciate how local community banks care,” Schrage said. “I hope they’ll start noticing the impact their local banks have in their communities. Whether it’s financing the start of new local businesses or infrastructure--local community banks like Centier are essential.”
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