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Money Management

Introducing Money Management

Budgeting For A Brighter Future

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Money Management Features


Know Your Finances

With Money Management, Centier has made it easy to track all of your financial accounts on one screen, all within our online banking environment. It has never been easier to find all of your debit, credit, investments, loans, 401(k)s and other finance options all at the tip of your fingers.


Track Your Budget

Understand the health of your finances and keep your budget on track! Centier’s Money Management tool lets you see where your money is going and eliminates the need to track receipts for your budgeting needs. Through Bubbles, you are able to track your monthly budgets to see where you still have room, if you’re coming up on your limit, or if you’ve spent over what you had planned.

Money Management Budget
Money Management Spending


Watch Your Spending

Categorize what you’re spending on everything from shopping to food to pets and much more. You can also set goals, analyze trends, and get a crisp, clear picture of your financial portfolio. With the Money Management Cash Flow tool, you can see all your income and expenses on any given day so you know when you have more money to make that next big purchase.

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