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Examine Your Financial Health on National Financial Awareness Day

August 14, 2020

Examine Your Financial Health on National Financial Awareness Day

August 14, 2020

August 14 is National Financial Awareness Day is a day where you can remind yourself to check in on your financial health, and access ways to build toward a better financial future. Centier Bank is committed to helping consumers better understand and handle their money responsibly, and to provide the best tools to achieve financial goals.

Not sure where to start? Check out our resources below:

Financial Calculators
The best way to stay financially aware is to plan ahead if possible. With help from our financial calculators, you can anticipate and explore a range of financial situations, including the future of your savings deposits, how to plan for retirement, how much your monthly car payment would be, and more. Access Centier’s financial calculators

Financial Education
A newly launched online education portal, Centier To You, offers financial tips and helpful exercises to educate and equip people on a variety of financial topics so they can work toward their financial goals. Centier To You is available to the public, and anyone can access its free e-courses, Top 5 Tips and more on topics like identity theft, homebuying, getting gout of debt, and more. Find Centier To You

Money Management Tool
With Money Management, Centier has made it easy to track your financial accounts on one screen, all within our online banking environment. It has never been easier to find all your debit, credit, investments, loans, 401(k)s and other finance options all at the tip of your fingers. By tracking your budget, you can best understand the health of your finances and stay on track. Centier’s Money Management tool lets you see where your money is going and eliminates the need to track receipts for your budgeting needs. Categorize your spending on everything from shopping to food to pets and much more. You can also set goals, analyze trends, and get a crisp, clear picture of your financial portfolio.

Access Centier’s online money management tools.