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Frequently Asked Questions

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Click on "Manage Profile" under your name on the left of the navigation and select "Phone." Next, "Add new mobile device" or select your phone number from the list and click "Enroll This Device." Next, give this device a "Nickname," and under "Select Your Device" choose from the Android, Apple, Windows or BlackBerry logos, next to "Can your device receive a text message?" click the circle to turn it green, then click "Add Device." A message will appear that you have finished the enrollment process, to continue setting up Text Banking click "View New Device." Here, it may state the phone is "Not Verified." If so, click "SMS," then you will receive a text message, add this code into "Verification Code" and then "Verify Device." Here the "Edit Device" screen will pop up to let you know your phone has been verified. Now you can set up Text Banking options under "SMS Text Banking." These options default to off. Here click the "Off" button and you will be asked to confirm "Turn on SMS Text Banking?" Click "Turn On." For further options, click the small arrow next to the "On/Off" button to turn Text Banking on/off for your specific accounts.