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Frequently Asked Questions

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When using Apple Pay on the Apple Watch®, you will be prompted to unlock the device for payments by entering your four digit PIN. Once the watch is placed on your wrist and the PIN is entered, your Apple Watch will remain unlocked for Apple Pay until it is removed from your wrist. You can also enter your four-digit PIN from your paired iPhone® to unlock your Apple Watch via Bluetooth connection once it has been placed on your wrist. The Apple Watch® will automatically lock the Apple Pay feature once it is removed from your wrist, and cannot be used with Apple Pay again until it is placed back on your wrist and unlocked using the four digit PIN.

To make a purchase using the Apple Watch®, unlock the Apple Pay feature by entering your four digit PIN and double tap the small button on the side of the watch twice to display your default credit or debit card. To pay with a card other than your default card, simply swipe up and down to select the desired payment method. To make a payment, hold the watch a few centimeters away from the contactless payment terminal with the display facing towards the reader. A gentle vibration and beep will let you know your purchase was successful.

Your experience with Apple Pay may vary by merchant. If asked to verify the last four digits of your card number when making a purchase, instead provide the last four digits of the device account number. The device account number can be found by selecting the More Information icon while viewing your card in the Apple Watch® app. You may also be asked to provide a signature or debit card PIN to complete your transaction.