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Now in the fifth generation of ownership, the Schrage Family is proud to share this detailed compilation of their story. Born out of an effort to accurately document the family’s history, this book starts where it all began and takes us through the journey of how each proceeding generation continued to carry the company and its culture through their own path of success. Above all else, this is a testament to the power of family combined with the hard work from thousands of men and women who have dedicated themselves to building and growing the legacy that is known today as Indiana’s largest private, family-owned bank.

Over 125 Years In The Making

The making of the book took on a life of its own as thousands of documents, photos, and artifacts were collected to ensure the history was presented accurately. Knowing that these items would live on within the pages of the Centier Bank: A Family Legacy, Mike and members of his family still asked themselves if there could be an even larger opportunity to display the family and bank’s deep history. As fate would have it, a rented space within the bank’s flagship branch became available and the possibility of a museum became a reality. We are thrilled to invite you to our museum for a more intimate look at the items displayed within the book along with interactive and educational displays.


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