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Centier Personal Credit Cards

Thank you for being an existing cardholder

Commercial Credit Card

Credit Card Support

For credit card support, please call 1-800-367-7576.

  • Lost/stolen cards or card problems
  • Name or address change, or adding authorized users
  • Fraud, payment, or transaction disputes
  • Rate and program information

Centier Cardholder Information

  • Your new credit card should have arrived. If not, please contact 1-800-367-7576 and request a replacement card. Remember to activate your new card using the instructions on the card carrier.
  • Your old card has been deactivated.
    Be sure to notify all payees that are charging your existing card of your new card information. These may include merchants that you pay on a reoccurring basis such as subscription services or any company or application that you have preloaded your card information.
  • Your Visa card has become a Mastercard.
    For more information about the benefits of a Mastercard, a Guide to Benefits will be enclosed with your new card or contact Mastercard directly at 1-800-627-8372.
  • To login to your New account, visit You will need to register your new card and create a new login and password.
  • Your credit card balance will automatically transfer to your new account.
    The amounts you owe will be governed by your new credit card agreement.
  • Click here for: Reward Program Rules
  • Click here for a sample credit card agreement: Credit Card Agreement
  • Click here for credit card pricing information: Truth in Lending Document

As we work to create a better experience for you, our clients, we are currently not accepting new credit card applications.