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Centier To You Launches Free, Online E-Course about Budgeting

July 2, 2021

Centier Bank is proud to announce that a new, free e-course on budgeting has launched through  Centier To You, the bank’s financial education series. The course includes budgeting worksheets for those just getting started and tips for consumers who are looking to tweak their existing budgets.

Eighty percent of Americans say they have and follow a monthly budget for their expenses, up from a study conducted by in 2019. Whether it was the global health crisis, a job loss, divorce, or to get out of debt, the catalyst for creating and sticking to a budget is something consumers say alleviates stress and helps them reach their goals.

Lauren Zurbriggen, Financial Education and Community Outreach Coordinator at Centier Bank, said that having a budget is one thing, but following it can be difficult for some.

“The point of a budget is to create a space for the unknown, so you can prepare for life’s surprises,” she said. “Finances can be a big stressor for families, and we want to be able to provide the educational resources necessary to help take money worries off of people’s minds.”

Zurbriggen said that the course is free and open to the public, and you do not need to be a Centier client to access the course, which is curated to help a wide audience, not just those who face financial struggles.

“It’s also useful for people whose financial status changes due to lifestyle adjustments—getting married, retiring, and job loss—are all good times to examine your budget,” she explained. “Centier To You aims to provide knowledge to create a budget that will allow consumers to be successful in their financial journeys.”

For more information about Centier To You’s budgeting course, click here.