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Growth Financing: Grow Your Business to New Heights

Expanding offerings, tapping new markets, increasing cash flow — business owners face a host of ongoing challenges as they scale their operations. We can help. 

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Growth Financing Solutions

Fulfill your capital needs with our robust suite of products and services. 

SBA Loans

As a small business, you have financing options. Learn more about SBA loan offers.

Payment Solutions

Simplify the customer experience by expanding your payment offerings. 

Tools & Resources to Help You Grow Your Business

We want your company to experience growth and succeed at every stage, so we’ve outlined a few things to help you take your business to the next level.

6 Key Steps to Level Up Your Business

  • Reevaluate your business plan. Chances are your company has evolved since you drew up your company’s initial blueprint.
  • Understand your customers. It’s critical to know who you’re selling to and their preferred products and/or services before you attempt to reach an even larger audience.
  • Explore capital and financing options. You may want to leverage investor or lender capital to fund your growth ambitions.
  • Optimize staffing. Employees come at a cost, but they may also be integral to growth, so consider how much payroll you can afford. Outsourcing to independent contractors may even prove to be more cost-effective.
  • Automate when possible. Time and resources are precious. Any aspect of your business that you can streamline through automation will help you save in both areas.
  • Sharpen your hard and soft skills. The next phase of your company may demand more from you personally, so explore training programs to hone your talents — such as leadership development, communication, and project management.

Templates, Guides, and More From Trusted Resources

How to Scale a Business: 6 Tactics to Utilize
  • Harvard Business Professor School Professor Jeffrey Rayport explains the Six S Framework, which can help business owners holistically assess their business and scalability. Visit Harvard Business School
How to Present to Investors
  • Sequoia Capital concisely dissects the elements of a successful investor presentation, a necessity for businesses that plan to leverage outside financing to grow their operations. Visit Sequoia Capital
Writing a Business Growth Plan
  • Concrete plans with quantifiable milestones are essential to steady progression. This guide from discusses the ins and outs of creating a growth plan for your business. Visit

Business Growth Strategy FAQs

Developing new products, hiring employees, acquisition, entering new markets — these activities require significant capital. Unless you’ve routinely set aside excess profits for such ventures, you may need to rely on outside financing sources like equity investors and/or lenders to fund your growth plans. 

Growing a company is a time-consuming undertaking. It may introduce unwanted changes to your life, such as more stress and less leisure time. Moreover, growth isn’t guaranteed, and you may find yourself spending more without realizing a positive return on investment. 

Scaling a business can expand your customer reach and, consequently, increase sales and pad your bottom line. This growth could enable you to continue expanding, reward employees for their contributions, and/or increase your personal profits. Depending on your industry, you may even attract investors or set yourself up for an exit. 

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