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We are upgrading to an enhanced digital banking experience featuring an updated look, improved security features, real-time alerts, person-to-person payments, and more!

No action currently required. Today, full mobile and online banking services are available.

Beginning October 6th, all online and mobile banking clients will be required to perform a first time sign in. Click to learn more: Mobile & Online

Important Dates & Service Announcements

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From September 30th at 8:00am CT through October 6th at 8:00am CT, the link to view your existing eBillsAn eBill, simply put, is your online billing statement that is delivered directly to your online bill pay account. will be temporarily unavailable. If you need to view your service provider’s eBill/statement, please contact them directly to obtain a current statement for payment amount due. The ability to make/schedule a bill payment is not impacted. Scheduled payment will continue to process.

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From October 1st at 2:00pm CT through October 6th at 8:00am CT, the ability to set scheduled/recurring internal transfers will be temporarily unavailable. The ability to schedule a one-time transfer is not impacted. To avoid this service disruption, schedule any new transfers prior to October 1st.

From October 1st at 2:00pm CT through October 6th at 8:00am CT, the ability to sign up for Online/Mobile Banking will be temporarily unavailable. Please sign up for Online/Mobile Banking once we convert to our enhanced platform on October 6th.

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From October 4th until October 6th at 8am CT, existing Online/Mobile Bill Payments will be processed as scheduled. New payments will be temporarily unavailable. Existing Bill Payments will continue to be processed as scheduled. To avoid this service disruption, send/schedule new bill payments prior to October 4th.

From October 4th at 8:00am CT through October 6th at 8:00am CT, Direct Connect Access for Quicken and Quickbooks will be temporarily unavailable. Please perform any functions in Quicken or Quickbooks prior to October 4th.

From October 4th at 2:00pm CT through October 6th at 8:00am CT, External Transfers are temporarily unavailable. Please complete any external transfers prior to October 4th.

Beginning October 4th at 2:00pm CT, Popmoney will no longer be offered. Beginning on October 6th, at 8:00am CT, you’ll need to enroll in our new real-time, person-to-person (P2P) service.

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From October 5th at 2:00pm CT through October 6th at 8:00am CT, Internal Transfers are temporarily unavailable. Visit a branch or call the Client Service Center (888-236-8437) for assistance.

ACH/Wire Transfers will be temporarily unavailable. Please conduct your transactions before 2 p.m. CT.

From October 5th at 2:00pm CT through October 6th at 8:00am CT, Centier Bank’s Android app will not be available for download. Our new app will be available for download on October 6th at 8:00am CT. Android users will need to delete the existing App, and then download the new App beginning October 6th at 8:00am CT. Apple users will need to update their existing Centier App beginning on October 6th at 8:00am CT.

All services will resume operation on Wednesday, October 6th at 8am CT.

Mobile Check Deposit

Mobile Check Deposit allows you to make deposits to your personal checking account(s) from your camera-enabled mobile device.

Deposits — We accept checks payable to you, drawn on a US bank. Government checks or travelers checks are not accepted.

Limits - $2,500/day, $5,000/month.

Endorsement — Above your signature, add "For mobile deposit only" and include the last four digits of your account number.

Funds Availability — If we confirm receipt of your deposit on a business day before 5pm (CT), we will consider that day to be the day of your deposit; otherwise, your check will be considered deposited as of the next business day. We generally make funds from your check deposits available to you in accordance with the timeframes and in the amounts set forth in your Deposit Account Terms & Conditions agreement. If we decide to delay availability for a longer period, we will notify you by mail. Please retain your deposited check for 60 days and then securely destroy it.

Check Storage — Securely store your check for not more than 45 days. Make sure your deposit has been credited to your account and then destroy the check.

Tips - Trouble capturing check images, please try the following:

  • Clean camera lens
  • Turn on camera flash
  • Place check on a dark surface

Bill Pay

Pay your bills with the click of a button! Forget writing checks and the hassle of stamps and trips to the Post Office. Now you can pay your bills from home, work, or anywhere you have an Internet connection. Digital Banking clients can sign-up for BillPay through Online or Mobile Banking.


  • Add Payees
  • Make New Payments
  • Schedule Recurring Payments

Receive Online Bill Pay for FREE! - Eliminate the $5.95 monthly fee by simply choosing to receive your monthly bank statements via E-Delivery.

Centier Bank uses FIS, a third party bill pay provider. FIS can be contacted directly at 1-800-823-7555.

Protect Yourself in the Event You Lose Your Card

Centier Bank offers a Debit Card On/Off service that gives you full control of your personal VISA® Debit Card to protect your funds against unauthorized use. If you ever misplace your card, you can simply turn it off in three easy steps. If you find it and are confident that it has not been misused, just turn it on again! It is as simple as that.

What Happens When the Card is Turned Off?

When a debit card has been turned off:

  • One-time debit transactions will be declined
  • Any previously authorized or recurring transactions will still be paid.
  • Previously authorized transactions will still be paid, and any recurring transactions you had previously set up will still occur
  • It will not affect your checking, mobile or online transfers, bill payments, or any other type of transaction to your account(s)

What's New & Enhanced

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Person-To-Person Payments

Move Money and send personal payments to friends and family in a matter of minutes with real-time P2P.

All you need to electronically send money is a name and email address, mobile phone number, or debit card. It’s fast, convenient, and available to all digital banking users.

Click for Person-to-Person FAQs

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Bill Pay

Move Money and schedule bill payments securely and conveniently – 24/7.  This enhanced feature now debits your payments faster for better funds management.

Existing Bill Pay clients will not need to re-enroll on October 6th. Current Payees and future payments will convert

Click for Bill Pay FAQs

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External Transfers

Move Money from your device quickly and simply through external transfers.

Schedule a reoccurring transfer with ease between Centier and other financial institutions, including making payments to loans with external funds.

Click for Transfer FAQs

Credit Card Icon

Card Management

Quickly report a Lost or Stolen Card, Set Travel Notifications, Change your PIN, set Temporary Spending Limits, and Automatically turn your card On/Off without ever needing to visit a branch.

Click for Manage Cards FAQs

Alert Bell Icon

Account Alerts

Users can easily set custom Alerts, place alerts on Bill Pay items, use security alerts to monitor account changes, and create Money Management alerts.

Click for Account Alerts FAQs

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Mobile Deposit & Images

Deposit multiple checks directly from Centier’s mobile app and view deposited check images online.

Click for Mobile Check Deposit FAQs

View More Features
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Support Center

Contact a banker easily and securely by sending messages and attachments through digital and mobile banking.

Click for Support Center FAQs

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ACH & Wire Transfers

Automate the electronic transfer of funds between financial institutions. Eliminate cost and time and increase productivity.

Click for ACH & Wire FAQs

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Digital Receipts
& Manage Money

Track spending and manage your budget by uploading receipt images and linking them to your transactions online.

Click for Manage Money FAQs

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Hours of Operation (CT)

Mon - Fri: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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Please note that emails sent via the internet are not secure transmissions. Please do not send account numbers, social security numbers or any other information you would like to keep private to Centier Bank or anyone else via email message.


Click here to read our Digital Banking Terms and Conditions. Centier does not charge a fee for Mobile Banking. However, you must have a mobile phone and a wireless data plan to use this service. You may be subject to charges by your mobile carrier. Centier Mobile Banking applications support Apple®, Android®, and Amazon® mobile operating systems. Mobile Check Deposit is a feature of Centier Mobile Banking. Use of the Mobile Check Deposit feature requires a supported camera-equipped device and you must download the Centier Mobile Banking App. To use Mobile Check Deposit you must have a Centier Bank account(s) in good standing.

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