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Your credit is very important when it comes to your purchasing power.

Centier to You is here to provide you with resources on the importance of a credit score and how to improve it, as well as how to obtain free copies of your credit report.


Credit: Top 5 Tips

Establishing a savings fund is the first step to improving your overall financial wellness. Explore all the ways Centier can help you start saving!

Review Your Credit Report

Did you know you can request a free annual copy of your Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion credit reports? Select the Free Credit Report button below to order your credit reports today!

Credit Repair Tutorial

Establishing good credit allows you to obtain loans and credit cards with the best interest rates. It can also help your ability to rent an apartment, acquire a job, buy a car, and more. Enjoy this credit repair tutorial from Centier Bank’s VP of Community and Business Development, Anthony Contrucci, for helpful insight.

Learn More About Credit

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Additional Wellness Topics

Select from the Wellness Topics below for additional Financial Education resources.